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  • Fully assembled and ready to display
  • Handcrafted models made from high quality wood
  • Models at museum quality
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer and save
  • Money back guarantee
  • Secure Payment
  • Fast delivery with full transit insurance
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Seacraft Gallery – Handcrafted Model Ships, Boats, Yachts and Planes, Cars

Welcome aboard- Seacraft Gallery

"Making models using the best craftsmanship and timeless value”

That is the philosophy at Seacraft Gallery, the first and probably the best supplier of the world’s finest fully-assembled wooden model boats, model ships and other wooden vehicle models in Australia.

Our museum-quality models are exquisitely hand-crafted from scratch in our workshop, being made from 100% natural wood, fully assembled and ready to be displayed. We supply an eclectic range of wooden replicas to customers, museums, shops and companies across Australia and around the world. Our customers are consistently impressed with our wooden models as our passionate team works hard to ensure that our boats are accurate, offer meticulous attention to detail, and nicely decorated, allowing you to feel a sense of pride and enjoyment in your new wooden model ships, model boats and much more.

So whether you’re looking for special gifts or a fancy wooden ship replicas collection of your own, Seacraft Gallery is the perfect choice to go with. You can shop with us with confidence; our 30-day money-back guarantee means that you’re guaranteed to be satisfied whether you like our wooden model ships or not! In addition to this guarantee, you can rest assured with our highly secure Paypal payment system and fast delivery from our Sydney-based warehouse.

Thank you for visiting our store and we hope you will find the best choices for your purpose.


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